Friday, July 28, 2006

oceania has always been at war with eastasia, has it not?

''Who would have imagined that history would prove so easy to rewrite in a democratic nation with a free press?''

-- Paul Krugman, ''Bush Reign of Error," New York Times, July 28, 2006

Friday, July 21, 2006

i will fight no more forever

These lyrics reminded me of Chief Joseph's 1877 surrender speech:

"Come out, come out, no use in hiding.
Come out, come out, can you not see
Theres no place here, what were you expecting?
No room for both, just room for me.
So you will lay your arms down,
Yes, I will call this home.
Away, away, you have been banished.
Your land is gone, and given to me.
And here I will spread my wings.
Yes, I will call this home.
Whats this you say, you feel a right to remain?
Then stay and I will bury you.
Whats that you say, your fathers spirit still lives in this place?
Well, I will silence you.
Heres the hitch, your horse is leaving.
Dont miss your boat, its leaving now.
And as you go I will spread my wings.
Yes, I will call this home.
I have no time to justify to you,
Fool, youre blind, move aside for me.
All I can say to you my new neighbor,
You must move on or I will bury you.
Now as I rest my feet by this fire
Those hands once warmed here, but I have retired them.
I can breathe my own air and I can sleep more soundly
Upon these poor souls,
Ill build heaven and call it home.
Cause youre all dead now.
I live with my justice
And I live with my greed in me
I live with no mercy
And I live with my frenzy feet
I live with my hatred
And I live with my jealousy
I live with the notion that I dont need anyone but me
Dont drink the water
Dont drink the water
Blood in the water
Dont drink the water"

-- Dave Matthews, "Don't Drink the Water"

Monday, July 17, 2006

me and bowie

from David Bowie's "Thursday's Child"

. . .

Lucky your sun is in my sky
Nothing prepared me for your smile
Lighting the darkness of my soul
Innocence in your arms

Throw me tomorrow..oh,oh
Now that I've really got a chance
Throw me tomorrow..oh,oh
Everything's falling into place
Throw me tomorrow..oh,oh
Seeing my past to let it go
Yeah, throw me tomorrow..oh,oh
Only for you I don't regret
That I was Thursday's Child

Monday, July 03, 2006


dreaming to storms

washing rains of forgiveness
baptize our conjoined waters

encompassed in them we are returned

regenerated again in wet touches, an
undenying grip, unwaning need
coursing through our ancient natures

we are led to pick blossoms
awake to dreams had before
naked moons cavort their crescents
around our many beds

each coupling
luminous against the uncertainties

late hours merging
embracing all palisades open to us
nurturing over tides of sleep
safe and idling in oystered lust

our old beings are shed away

we imagine a gentle sunrise, startled
out of our stilled measures, unentwining
slept hearts renewed and cleaved open
through quietening night
set to rainwater

we caught every pattering
sounds of new hope, for being who we are

rediscovering our nascent home