Sunday, October 19, 2008

A King Claims His Right As Horus
From a Pyramid Text

O Geb, Bull of the sky, I am Horus, my father's
heir. I have gone and returned, the fourth of
these four gods who have brought water, who
have administered purification, who have
rejoiced in the strength of their fathers; I
desire to be vindicated by what I have done.
I the orphan have had judgment with the
orphaness, the Two Truths have judged
though a witness was lacking. The Two
Truths have commanded that the thrones of
Geb shall revert to me, so that I may raise
myself to what I have desired. My limbs which
were in concealment are reunited, and I
join those who are in the Abyss, I put a stop
to the affair in On, for I go forth today in the
real form of a living spirit, that I may break
up the fight and cut of the turbulent ones.
I come forth, the guardian of justice, that I
might bring it, it being with me; the wrathful
ones bustle about for me and those who are
in the Abyss assign life to me

My refuge is my Eye, my protection is my
Eye, my strength is my Eye, my power is my
Eye, O you southern, northern, western, and
eastern gods, honor me and fear me, for I
have seated myself in the awning of the Two
Courtyards, and that fiery snake the serpent
would have burnt you, striking to your hearts.
O you who would come against me in obstruct--
tion, come to me, come to me as friends,
for I am the alter ego of my father, the blossom
of my mother. I detest traveling in darkness,
for then I cannot see, but fall upside down; I
go forth today that I may bring justice, for
it is with me, and I will not be given over to
your flame, you gods.



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