Thursday, November 17, 2005


it is encompassing
electric within, astonishing
cocoon, holding onto itself
with such tender arms
teardrop pearly calm

wearing sunshine, our skin
touch, delicate in its every moment
mouthed prayers
breathed and co-mingled
a collective blessing, kissing

hearts poured down together, in dazzling
gifts of water, gracious, full
as to mark fall a wider-feeling orbit

leaves tremble now, collapsing
besotted and wending to foretold comfort
shaking at their gift, sighted life

souls together opening onto canyons
whole and clear and fierce
rooted amid the day's whirling
rock still, knowing as mountains

all songs contained, held within
quieter rhythms beating

inside our embrace, to a
love vast as light, at earth's pace

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

to her

is sweet mysticism, alight
bringing jewels to her eyes

her motions are the rhythm
a serene faith between us
shared spells

hands drumming
to her

she forever enters
wafting and undulating
replacing sculpted shapes
one with another, music

it is our bond
beguiling, of tribal colors
jangling coins like bridles
on swift riding beats

zills rising
exulting beauty