Monday, September 26, 2011

Eyes Open

"Anyone with eyes open knows that the gangsterism of Wall Street — financial institutions generally — has caused severe damage to the people of the United States (and the world). And should also know that it has been doing so increasingly for over 30 years, as their power in the economy has radically increased, and with it their political power."

~ Noam Chomsky, statement in support of Occupy Wall Street movement,

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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Tears Greater than the Oceans

``Long have you thus experienced stress, experienced pain, experienced loss, swelling the cemeteries — enough to become disenchanted with all fabricated things, enough to become dispassionate, enough to be released.'' -- Assu Sutta

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Howard is a [Fucking] Superhero

Howard commands us

he pulls strong medicine
rainbow parachutes and buckeyes
from his healing bag
and injects them into
our souls

his smile melts walls

his eyes turn from joy
to x-rays
to blinding diamond steel
and our circle
forges its new swords

he stands at the helm
arms wish-boned in strength
legs sure as trees
and his voice
overpowers our chaos
rending tranquility over
our heaving oceans of pain

he nudges us
to kindle trembling flames
pluck flowers from impermanence
and breathe in and out

he lets it dawn on us
alone and together
to marvel at what miracles
we might draw into
our fractured midst

his muscles pump renewing waters
from the center of the earth
he wets us down in great buckets
making hissing ash
of hearts blackened by fires
that char from below

Howard drops f-bombs
on the holes in our stories
vanquishing lies
and slaying villains
we watch agape
as green feathered truths
sprout from the craters

Howard's inner child
crawls hand by hand
along the same hallway walls
as ours
away from a poisoned past
toward invincibility
and we follow

we can hear the monks chanting
in Howard's sighs
and we take each other in
inhale and exhale
loosening our chains

by nightfall we are ravenous
we feast on his courage
wrap his cape around our torn
and light out

we dance around cauldrons
yell out our ghosts
pour out our shame
and the drumbeats lift our sparks
toward the nodding stars

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

the quiet

freshly cut winter wends
through my veins

left here
i seep and spread with the air
watching my breath escape

robbed, naked trees bow their hair
toward gravity
as i watch
and all inside of me
is hewn rock
or tumultuous water flowing


my gasps pass quickly
into the swallowing forest

my thoughts evaporate

cold is green
and i surrender flesh and fire
to her embracing landscape

Sunday, July 19, 2009

french corniche (city in the dark)

i drink your body half away
and then i grieve another faceless day
my fingers showing bone against the wheel
i dream of all those lips that wear my seal

aspiration placed upon a quiet shelf
as i become my another former self
to bite that kiss again
i really drive the earth away

immortal aching for her last repair
and they were lost to love, oh

the generations come and go
more faces than ever i cared to know

carnations grow and wilt away
so many lost their lives to love that way
speed down the Nile or Riviera

alone at night
is when i'm least afraid
alone at night
is when i'm least afraid

i need your flesh against my wheel
i dream of all those lips that wear my seal

ambition placed upon a broken shelf
as i become a future self

they were lost to love

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


    "Backwards and downwards, the laughter and the cigar. For long durations, there was nothing else. This was all of himself that he possessed, all of himself that he'd been able to find, nothing but the memory of three words, of a sudden glory and of the slobbered cylinder of tobacco, but it sufficed. The knowledge was delightful and reassuring.
   "Meanwhile, on fringes of awareness, the light still lingered, and suddenly between two rememberings, he perceived that it had somehow changed.
   "In the beginning, the brightness had been everywhere and everywhere the same, a shiny powder, boundless and uniform, and essentially, it was still without flaw, still indeterminate. And yet while it remained what it had always been, it was as though that calm boundlessness of bliss and knowledge had been limited by the interpenetration of an activity, an activity that was at the same time a pattern, a kind of living lattice, ubiquitous, infinitely complex, exquisitely delicate, a vast ubiquitous web of beknottedness and divergences, of parallels and spirals, of intricate figures and their curiously distorted projections, all shining and active and alive.
   "Once more, his single fragment of selfhood came back to him, the same as ever, but in some way associated this time with a particular figure in that bright lattice of intricate relationships, located, as it were, on one of its innumerable nodes of intersecting movement.
   "Backwards and downwards, and then a sudden glory of laughter."

-- from Time Must Have A Stop, by Aldous Huxley

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Sunday, October 19, 2008

A King Claims His Right As Horus
From a Pyramid Text

O Geb, Bull of the sky, I am Horus, my father's
heir. I have gone and returned, the fourth of
these four gods who have brought water, who
have administered purification, who have
rejoiced in the strength of their fathers; I
desire to be vindicated by what I have done.
I the orphan have had judgment with the
orphaness, the Two Truths have judged
though a witness was lacking. The Two
Truths have commanded that the thrones of
Geb shall revert to me, so that I may raise
myself to what I have desired. My limbs which
were in concealment are reunited, and I
join those who are in the Abyss, I put a stop
to the affair in On, for I go forth today in the
real form of a living spirit, that I may break
up the fight and cut of the turbulent ones.
I come forth, the guardian of justice, that I
might bring it, it being with me; the wrathful
ones bustle about for me and those who are
in the Abyss assign life to me

My refuge is my Eye, my protection is my
Eye, my strength is my Eye, my power is my
Eye, O you southern, northern, western, and
eastern gods, honor me and fear me, for I
have seated myself in the awning of the Two
Courtyards, and that fiery snake the serpent
would have burnt you, striking to your hearts.
O you who would come against me in obstruct--
tion, come to me, come to me as friends,
for I am the alter ego of my father, the blossom
of my mother. I detest traveling in darkness,
for then I cannot see, but fall upside down; I
go forth today that I may bring justice, for
it is with me, and I will not be given over to
your flame, you gods.